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JuzSpirits Offer An Extensive Range Of Alcoholic Drinks Delivered Right To Your Doorstep.


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After Downloading JuzSpirits App Please Follow Step By Step Guide On How To Place Your Order
Step 1: Find an item you want. Tap the   button and tap add to basket to place the item on your order list.
Step 2: Tap the to check and review your order(s). Set the date of your delivery then tap "Check Out".
Step 3: If you are a new JuzSpirits App customer,"Sign Up" and continue with your order.
Step 4: Enter all information needed for your Delivery Address and select the Payment Method you want, then tap "Place Order".
  • Payment Method Options
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Pay via DragonPay
  If you choose "Cash on Delivery" wait for the confirmation of your order by checking on "My Order" button. Once "Confirmed", you will a receive a sms or a call from us. You can now wait for your item to be delivered rigth to your doorstep. Please advise if you'll be needing change and for what amount. You can indicate that in the "Comment" section.
  (For "Pay via DragonPay" payment method)
Step 5: After choosing "Pay Via DragoPay", select a payment option and put your email address then tap "Select" button to proceed. We recommend to choose button to save all your transactions on your email and for future references. Check your email for the instruction on how you are going to pay and validate your payment. Please follow instructions carefully to avoid any inconveniences.
Step 6: Once your payment and validation process has been completed, you will received a "Payment Confirmation" from DragonPay on your email. Now you can check the status on your order on "My Order" button.
Step 7: Once "Confirmed", you can now wait for your item to be delivered rigth to your doorstep.

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